Lost my toddler!!

  • Yeah!!

    I lost my big boy and a pound beyond that! He's 37 pounds (he'll be 3 in August,) and as of today I'm down 38.2 since starting in April after my baby boy was born! I still see absolutely no difference either between a year ago and now or post-pregnant and now. Maybe I'm a little less puffy? In any case, I'm feeling so much better. Maybe I'll share pics when I get down to Onederland which is my next mini goal!

    Thank you for letting me share!

    Here he is!
  • Oh, my word, he is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

    I was just trying to explain to my grandkids yesterday that I have lost 50 lbs and that that was more than the 5-year-old weighs because she only weighs 38 pounds, too. Sometimes when I think that I've only lost 50lbs I think about carrying her around all day with me and I quickly realize just how much that is!!

    Congratulations on the loss!!!!
  • He's a cutie!!!! Congrats!
  • Congrats!!!!
  • He's adorable! I was just saying today that I had lost two of my grandson and then some. He is about 30 pounds!

  • What an awesome way to put it! I am 4 lbs away from losing my 2 year old. I also have a new baby and am a military wife (Navy)... too funny!

    Congratulations on your loss!
  • I thought you REALLY lost him. Glad to find it was just in weight. ^^
    That's a great way to put it too. I bet carrying him around (as Fungramma said) shows you how much extra pounds you were holding every day! Congratulations!
  • That is so awesome! I feel the same when about my toddler. I recently lost 35 pounds and now when I pick her up I think I can not believe I was carrying around that much extra weight. COngrats!!
  • Congratulations!!!
  • Congratulations! He's adorable by the way!!
  • congrats! nice job! I love putting things into a perspective like that!
  • That's so great!!!! Congrats and ur lil man is adorable!
  • Congratulations, though I have to say my heart skipped a beat when I read your thread title! Keep up the good work! My "baby" weighs about 125 pounds. I'm not going for quite that much!

  • Congratulations on your success, and your lil man is adorable!
  • Great job!! Keep on, Keeping on!!