Its finally working

  • When I first started trying to lose weight, nothing was happening. I went almost two months and the scale didnt budge hardly at all. I just kept at it though and all of a sudden within the last week and a half I dropped 15 pounds!!!! Wow! I have a long ways to go but this definitely encourages me. It also reassures me...for awhile there I thought something might be wrong with my body since i wasn't losing any unless I starved myself. I went ahead and increased my protein intake and that seemed to do the trick.
  • what regimen are you following now?
  • Congrats! Glad you finally found something that worked for you. You must have been retaining a TON of water.
  • I'm following low carb.

    And ( possible TMI moment) due to my irregular and exceedingly long TOM cycles (sometimes at least a month long..ugh), I most likely was retaining a lot of water. I have a feeling I might hit walls like that a lot where the weight stops coming off for awhile. It'll be hard to stick with it but I just have to stay in the right mind set.
  • Let the lost inches be your guide. If you don't measure already start. There will be times when the scale tells you you're not making progress but measurements show you have been losing a lot of fat. It's a great way to stay inspired.