I lost 5 pounds this week!!!

  • Hello everyone, I had my weigh in Sunday and I lost 5 pounds last week...pretty exciting considering I only worked out three times last week and for only 30 minutes...My goal for this week is to lose 10-20lbs. I know that may seem insane but my friend lost 21lbs in a week and we are on the same diet so it's doable. Do you guys think that losing that much so quickly is unsafe???

  • Wow! You look amazing! I don't think it's safe to lose weight that fast but I could be wrong. It's also not healthy to be overweight so I would take that into consideration. It all depends on what you are doing to lose that kind of weight. Also, you mean in a month right? Not 10-20 lbs a week? In a week it would seem extremely...well....extreme. I hope you're feeling good and great job on the loss! YOu look really great!
  • Oh my god you look so great! I'm so impressed!

    You ARE inspiring, keep going girl!
  • Wow amazing difference in the photo. To loose 20 pounds of fat you would need to reduce your calorie intake by 70,000 calories. You want to decrease your fat percentage, not muscles or water. You need those muscles to burn more calories and get a beautiful toned body. If you loose too fast you risk getting flabby skin and it is quite a burden on your kidneys. Be safe you Will have more chance of keeping your weight off long term. I know it is hard to stay motivated when loosing slowly but your body will thank you.
  • Wow - you can really tell in your face that you are losing weight! Great job!
  • Thanks everyone!


    Thank you SO much for your post. I have complained about losing weight for the past seven years but this is the first time that I am actually successful at doing something about it and I just want to lose as much as possible by summertime that I can. I haven't been doing anything extreme to lose weight. I am on a diet that is identical to the slim fast one except slim fast didn't work for me. My goal is to lose ten pounds this week. I lost 9lbs in one week and I didn't know that losing so much so quickly would effect my muscles lol i'm a dork =) So thank you
  • Good Job! You look great! This is my first week of dieting and I lost my first 5lbs at my weigh in this morning! its exciting to see those numbers drop!
  • In general the guideline is that losing 1-2% of your body weight per week is safe. So, 7 pounds would be 2%, 3.5 pounds would be 1%.

    You look great! Nice work!
  • Wow! You are looking good! Keep up the good work...just be smart and safe about it!