30 Pound Down! Halfway Done!!! (Pics!)

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  • Ok, I'm down 30 pounds! Man, some days it sucks to stay committed but if you keep at it it's so great!

    Strange thing is, I don't see much of a difference when I look in the mirror. Thank goodness for before/after pics! (The first "before" pic was my moment of OH MY GOD I didn't know I looked THAT fat!!!)

  • wow! you look so skinny and amazing!! Congrats on the wonderful success.
  • Wow...What Are You Doing? If You Dont Mind Me Asking. You Look Great!!!
  • Congratulations!! You look great! KUTGW
  • You look so pretty! I love your toned arms- good job!!
  • you didn't look bad but man what weight does to ones appearance that we don't even see. Until we see.

    Look at your arms girl.? They looking good. Your smiling.

    You just didn't like wearing that red bridesmaid dress. lol

    You look good.
  • Good job!
  • Well I hadn't actually gotten to try the dress on until the week of the wedding, I live in France and came home for it. SO first of all, I had to get it way taken out. Then I saw myself in it and HATED what I saw. The dress was a 16 where I had thought I was a 14 and still had to get it way taken out.

    So when I got back to France after the wedding, I was rigorous - I used mynetdiary . com to track my calories and exercise (it's an app as well and whatever you put in to the website or the app is automatically entered on the other). I weighed all my food and didn't put one thing in my mouth that wasn't weighed and tracked.

    I actually haven't been working out rigorously - I found that my attitude was that working out earned me the right to eat more calories, and that working out made me HUNGRY. So I started walking instead of running and doing aerobics (usually a Jillian dvd) once or twice a week.

    Now that I am down 30# I'm working out more, starting to run more, etc.

    I went back home for Christmas and people noticed the difference - such a motivator! My face gets so thin that people kind of freak out when I say I want to lose 30 more, but I'm only 5'4" and 165 is still way high for me.
  • Good job, SJ !!!
  • You look amazing! Well done and keep up the good work!
  • Congratulations! You look fabulous!
  • You look Fandangtabulous. I'm about the same height, I hope I look that good in 15 pounds . . .. ok more exercise .. . .

    Pics are such a motivator for me
  • Wow, you look great. For real girl.
  • You look amazing! Great work! You have such a contagious smile as well!
  • nice work!