size 10

  • I officially fit in a size 10! I've been able to squeeze into one for awhile, but they didn't really fit. The last few days I've been realizing that my jeans weren't fitting well, even when freshley washed and pulled out of the dryer so I decided to try on some 10s while I was out and about today and they fit! They're a tad snug in the waist, but I'm an apple shape, so what's new. I'm so excited! The smallest size I had ever fit into in my adult life was a 12. My goal was to be in a single digit size by the time I hit my goal weight, but it takes me forever to change sizes so I wasn't sure if it would happen...I'm really thinking that'll be possible now! I have about 23lbs to goal at this point.

    I'm also only a couple of pounds off of getting into the normal range with the BMI. I've never been this light/small before and I'm so excited!
  • That's great! Good job!!
  • That's so wonderful! You must have felt like a million bucks while out shopping and slipping into such a small pair of jeans! And yes you should be extremely excited!! This is huge.
  • Awesome! Congrats I can't wait to get there too!
  • Congratulations! What a time of year to see that success, too - many others are going UP a size!! Good job!
  • Congratulations! Awesome work!
  • You should definitely be able to fit in a size 8 by the time you reach goal. How exciting!
  • Awesome.
  • Wow! Well done!