50 LBS Lost, Over Half Way to Goal

  • Hi I crept into Onderland this Weekend then the next two days down 2 more LBS!!! Must be a Woosh since I have been losing slowly. 197 this AM.

    I'm still nervous it will see-saw, like it's been doing for so long. I am telling myself that it will most likely happen so I am mentally prepared.

    Then all of a sudden it hit me that if 158 is my preliminary goal I am over half-way there.
  • Awesome job! I am 2 pounds into my first 5 and I love reading about success from others. Way to go!
  • Well done!!!!!!

    (and even if it does seesaw (mine always does) provided you're still plugging away on plan, it won't be a fat gain)
  • awesome, way to go!! dont' let the fear of going over 2 discourage you in any way being halfway to goal is compeletly amazing!
  • Woohoo for you! Very exciting! Keep up the good work!
  • Awesome job!! Way to go!! Welcome to Onderland!
  • congrats!
    What a great job! i am proud of you!!
  • Amazing!
  • Way to go!!
  • Awesome!!