Yeah, that's right, I'm OVERWEIGHT!!!!

  • Yippee! I am proud to say I am no longer in the obese category and am officially just 'overweight'. I met my Thanksgiving goal of 185. That's 90 pounds gone. Lost the first 30 doing just treadmill (borrrrrrinnnnggg - but all I could really do at that point). Moved back to Fit TV - my old friend from the 90's and started step aerobics with Sharon Mann (23 minute if you subtract the commercials). Have moved on to Cathe Friedrich DVDs and what a huge difference in my body. She is my hero! (no matter how much profanity I may scream at her while I work out). I even have DH working out to her dvds 4 or 5 times a day. I work out 45-90 minutes every morning. I feel so much more confident now and love shopping in normal stores, even though I'm buying larges. I WILL meet my goal. 36 more pounds seems like nothing now 11 inches off my waist alone! Love to all of you on your weight loss journeys.
    Guess I need to set a new mini-goal, but it will be small since I don't think I'll lose alot between now and Christmas.
  • That's awesome,congrats!!
  • Good job to you!
  • Congratulations! That's a fantastic result! Change your chicken!
  • Congratulations!!!
  • Wow! You are amazing. Congrats and how exciting to buy in regular stores!!
  • Congrats!!
  • Great job!!
  • Congratulations!!!

    Hard work is worthwhile when we press on and achieve our goals. I hope to join you in the world of merely overweight shortly.