NSV: Food victories

  • I am a long-time food phobic with all kinds of messed up issues about what I will and will not eat. To help me get there and stay there this time I am learning to eat brand new foods that I have never eaten before.

    So far I have eaten:
    A sugar-snap pea: half raw and half cooked
    A satsuma
    Brown rice
    A fruit and fibre bar

    And I have bought lots of other bits that I hope to be reporting that I ate later in the week.

    It's small victories so far, a teaspoon of this, a single one of those, but I've literally never eaten any of these things before in my life.
  • Good going, RR!

  • Awesome
  • Can now add a shallot, 2 strawberries and a blackberry. Had the sugar snap peas again today. Tomorrow's challenge is a biggie, a selection of melon.
  • I really need to try this. I have weird food "phobias" as well. I dislike a LOT of fruit and I really need to get over it...maybe someday lol. I'm always afraid I'm unknowingly allergic to something.
  • Good job roserodent!!! You are on your way to discovering so many amazing foods! Melon is one of my favorites I recently tried figs for the first time in my life, and I LOVED THEM! I had them in yogurt with kiwi and bluberries (YUM!) How did you like the brown rice and the berries?