NSV sort of - Underwear!

  • Ok I consider this a NSV because it is something that is a constant annoyance to me!

    I am short waisted so I have always worn 'boy shorts' or low rise underwear so it doesn't reach up to my armpits BUT it was always one extreme to the other, it would always roll down my belly, ya, thats attractive, walking around all day pulling up my underwear or suffering with it rolled into a bunch under my belly

    Well I have lost 17 pounds so far with a lot coming off my tummy and I am happy to announce that my underwear is no longer rolling down off my tummy and is staying put where it belongs!!

    This may sound odd to some but it has always bugged me and embaressed me! So yay for weight loss!
  • Yay! wtg! :P I feel like accomplishments like these are worth WAY more then the numbers going down on the scale!
  • YAAAAY! Ugh, I hate that feeling too. Congrats!!
  • I have the same problem and yeah it's awesome when it goes away
  • NSV's I think are way better then the scales!!! WTG
  • I LOVE this post... love it.. love it.. love it.. :heart:

    Congratulations and keep it up!
  • Woot! I bet that feels a LOT more comfortable!