Halfway to Goal.

  • I'm sure that once I actually weigh 199 pounds, I will be moving my goal posts down to my ideal body weight of 178 or less, but as of today, I am halfway to my goal of 199 lbs after starting at 364. I started in a size 26 and now wear an 18/20, depending on style.

    It's been almost a year, and while my plateau was nerve-wracking and my in-laws/acquaintances have blurted their share of insensitive nonsense, it has actually been a relatively fun and easy journey for me. I feel great! If my loss-rate holds true, then in one more year I should be posting my story under "Goal!"
  • congrats!!! i'm glad it has been "relatively fun and easy"--should make the second half of your goal fly by keep up the awesome work!
  • Wow, fantastic job!!!
  • Congrats! Way to go on the lb's lost so far!!!
  • Wow. You're inspiring.
  • Congrats!
  • Congratulations!
  • you are such an inspiration! thank you!
  • Congratulations Sonata!!! Way to go!!!!!