First 10 down

  • I never thought I'd get those first 10 off! As impatient as I am to not be fat anymore, I am taking this thing at a snail's pace. I'm scared to step it up & do it faster, for a number of reasons. Anyway, here's the info:

    week 1: 4 pounds
    weeks 2-5: 6 pounds
    avg. no. of calories per day over the 6-week period: 1,280
  • Fantastic!! keep up the good work!!
  • Well done, Aunt Bea, bet you are feeling so much better after losing 10lbs. Keep up the good work!
  • congrats!!
  • THANK you, Onederchic, annputation, Emaline29, and Elaine19, for your kind words of support--- and congratulations to you all on your successes!! I look forward to the day I am no longer classified "obese." You know, I do think I feel a little bit lighter; I noticed I don't get quite as winded as I did. Which is a great feeling......
  • That is awesome!! I have been on cloud 9 all morning because I am down 2 lbs this week- you are blowing me away! A snail's pace is definitely the way to go for many reasons. Congrats!! You are doing awesome.
  • That's great. Now smile............I bet your happy
  • Slow and steady wins the race! Great job.
  • Congrats to YOU, too, Kristina! And thank you 2FeelBetterZumba & Sonata!
    Yep, I should change my name to QueenO'TheSnails....