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Red face The Scale Went Down BUT My Spirits Are Up

I'm an everyday weigher. Usually I weigh myself, as a form of motivation. If I lose anything that means that I must be on the right track. But...
If I gain anything, my world crumbles around me. I begin getting depressed. I wonder, why on earth I'm doing this when I'm not getting anything out of it. Today, I gained .4 pounds. I know... I should really grow some skin or something, but I thought I killed it yesterday. I worked hard. I ate good protein. I was in my caloric limits. I even had enough energy to do a couple laps in the pool that evening.

So, obviously today (after seeing the .4 pounds gain), I was utterly depressed. I made my way to work and thought that at any moment I could stop right now. I could stop and lose sight of that size 8 wedding dress and enjoy that delicious chocolate bar... (It's still making my mouth water, yum.) Yet, I didn't. I literally had my dollar IN the vending machine. I pressed the first letter. D. I only had to press 2... but I stopped. I hit the return change button and I walked out of the room.

I feel victorious. I feel like for once in my life, it isn't all about the scale. It's also about my life. It's about changing things overall, not just for the dress that awaits me to order in January.

So, here it goes. One small victory.
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That's awesome!
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that's awesome!
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Hey, IMHO, that is not a small victory, that is a big deal. Sometimes it's not easy to stay motivated when you feel like you don't have tangible evidence of your efforts. What you were able to do is awesome! So congrats on a big victory!
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that's not a small victory- it's a big one. a change in attitude is a huge thing!! you can do it!
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Awesome job!! That is a huge victory! I understand how you feel when you see that scale go up (even .4 lbs) My water weight can fluctuate by like 5 lbs in a day ( I am tall and my doctor said this is normal for my size). But even though I know it is just water, it is SO frustrating! Keep it up!
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