Getting closer to onederland!

  • I can taste it, just 2 pounds away from onederland! I cannot weight!
  • GREAT! I'm new to this site and I wanted to know what is onederland?

    You have been working hard! CONGRATS!

    OUT w/ old N w/ NEW...
  • Awesome!!
  • That is just so awesome...great job!
  • Congrats!!!

    Onederland is weighing less than 200lbs
  • That is awesome!!! Keep up the good work.
  • Way to go! You are doing great!
  • Congratulations, Sheila! You're doing really well!
  • I can't weight to be where you are right now! Congratulations, you can definitely push through and get there in no time!!!
  • WTG! I am right behind you with only 3 more pounds to go!
  • Congrats to you keep up the hard work