saved from the tart by a stranger

  • briefly for those people who don't know me :P just got back from vacation and am trying to lose the 2 pounds i accumulated over it. generally maintaining though.

    so... today at work (i work in a hospital) they had this beautifully looking lemon tart.. and there was quite a bit of it left after the patients had their lunch so the staff dug in.. it looked absolutely mouthwatering and i was hoping people would grab large pieces for it to dissappear quickly! but no, it was still there, looking at me.

    i was contemplating about it, getting all my demons of "one slim piece wont hurt, get back on it tomorrow, you only have two pounds to get rid of" in my head, when this slim asian guy who also works there comes right next to me with a plate and a huge piece on. He ate a chunk, said to me "ew, that's too sweet" and left it.

    great example to live by, this dude!! all thoughts left my head and i just got on with whatever i was doing.

    thanks, guy! (don't even know his name, big hospital)

    feelgood moment of the day.
  • Nice!! And that's why he's slim!! That's a good mantra to live by! If it's not worth it, don't eat it!!
  • He had his one bite and decided it was not worth a second. That is why he is slim. Good job on listening to him.
  • Awesome