Met a major mini goal today!

  • March 1, 2007 I fell off the Medifast wagon @ 214 lbs, and my weight went all the way back up to 260+. I have been on a roller coaster ever since then, struggling to lose weight, and at least get back to 214, where I left off.

    Today I finally did it!! Yesterday I was 214.4, and today I weighed in at 212.6!! I ran longer and harder yesterday than ever before, and I was very strict on my calories! I was just hoping to lose that .4 so I could hit my goal! Well, I blew that right out of the water!!! Would be so nice to be 211.5 by tomorrow night for the biggest loser show; that way I can say I've lost 7 pounds this week!

    Anyways, just so excited so I had to share! That Goal #2 has been sitting there unmet since I wrote it last September. Time to move on to Goal #3!!
  • You are doing great! congrats!!
    we are very close on stats...
  • Thanks! You and I are close, which means are very close to hitting that 199! Congrats on your success, and good luck!

    BTW, what size are if you don't mind me asking? At these stats, I've noticed people are very different in sizes!
  • Congratulations!! Keep going...
  • WOOT WOOT!! Way to go!
  • What an amazing accomplishment! Pat self on back and keep going!
    Love your dog precious1 I used to have one just like it! Now I have a Yorkie and a ****zu.
  • Thanks everyone! The support here is awesome! I've been running my little heart out, and I never realized how quickly it melts the fat away! I'm getting addicted I think.

    As for my dog, he is so sweet. I love all dogs, big and little!
  • Congrats!