$5 can buy happiness...

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  • Today, I lost track of time while I was doing a belly dancing video. Ahhhh, time to pick up the boyz from school and I'm late, POOP!! I tear off my skirt and quickly grab the closest blue jeans hanging over the bedroom door...

    (Week or so ago I bought a pair of blue jeans off the clearance rack at JCP. $5! They were size 16 and I usually wear 18 to a 20... but I thought, "here's a tangible goal".)

    I get these new pants half way up and it hit me, "really?? today??"

    YES!! Sure, I got a little muffin top, but I'm HAPPY with a side of HAPPY!!!

    As I sit here typing this I remember last night as I was shaving my legs thinking, "My skin feels tighter, cool."

    I freakin' LOVE this!! I am making progress that I can see & feel!!

  • WOOT!!! Go girl!

  • Great for you!!!
  • Super awesome girl!!
  • That is AWESOME!!
  • Yay!
  • Yay!

  • Congrats! Wear your $5 pants with pride!
  • Thanks everybody, I love the support & cheering! Coming around the bend (hopefully soon) a size 14 jean... toot toot!
  • Happy surpise to you! Congrats!
  • WAY to go!! Keep going you can do this!
  • Great non scale victory!! Keep it up!

  • That is awesome!
  • Another great place to get goal jeans for cheap are at goodwill! We have a really nice one in my area and I always wait for their 50% off days. The jeans I'm currently wearing were $1.50 lol and my goal jeans cost me a whole $3. lol
  • JennieLovesKisses- YES! I LOVE the Goodwill!! I'm 6'1-6'2 ish so I have a hard time finding long jeans, but sometimes the Goodwill surprises me =)