Hello Onderland!!

  • I just had to share. I usually only weigh myself on Mondays but I noticed today my tight work pants weren't so tight. So I just stepped on the scale out of curiousity and I am down another 5 lbs!!!!! I am just going on week 2 of shapely secrets and just dance. Nothing has EVER worked this well for me!

    No fast food (Subway doesn't count)
    Shapely Secrets (Who doesn't have 7 mins a day?)
    2 day of cardio (Just dance, 3 full songs)
    Intuitive eating (But still paying pretty close attention to some calories till I get it down)

    7 pounds lost in 10 days = Priceless!
  • Welcome to onderland! Congrats on your progress and keep up the great work!!!
  • Congrats on your ONEDERLAND arrival!!
  • Thanks everyone. I have seriously been in the 200s for a very long long time hovering about 205. I am uber motivated now!
  • Woot, Woot.. Congratulations and keep going..
  • Oh how exciting for you! I cannot wait to join you!
  • Happy Happy Happy for you! Congrats!

  • Oh, happy day. Congratulations on getting to Onederland!