trying on vacation

  • We're in PA today with the kids, so I'm trying to be good at the buffet. At least I included the salad and had fish, but I did eat a dessert. At least I only ate one, instead of sampling all of them. I think we're supposed to just have a light dinner tonight, so it might not be bad.
  • It's so hard to stay on track when your on vacation, but it sounds like you have the right perspective, and a healthy amount of will power. Keep your eye on the prize, and keep hitting this site to help keep you motivated.
  • Vacationing in PA in the winter is not a great time to hit farmers markets, unfortunately. I have no problem getting off the diet for a special occasion. I think it is a matter of "moral." Having that slice of cheesecake can get rid of that ache for a binge as long as you don't whack the whole week out. My internal binger is usually kept at bay with the ginormous plate of salad-- I could eat that all day. I always move streight to the salad bar, and have the stuff that is low in calories, some vinagrette, and a big glass of water, then I go back and see if I want the shrimp or tiny steak.