I had to exchange a belt!

  • So I went to Penneys and picked up a few things. One thing I got was a belt to go with jeans. My old belt is kinda skinny and the tail end of it is getting ridiculously long. I found a cute one and held it up against my tummy to see which size to get. It looked like the Large would fit but I hate it when my belt is on the very biggest notch, so I got the XL. Well. When I got it home and tried it on with my jeans, it was on the TIGHTEST notch and was still a little sloppy! So I took it back and got the Large. Yeah, I'm only able to do it on the second-loosest notch but this is the first time in YEARS that I have bought a belt in a size that wasn't either XL or XXL.

    So yay! I haven't lost (or gained)any weight in the past 2 months because I've kind of needed a break but this is the kind of small victory that gets me fired up!
  • Congrats! Being smaller that you think is definitely cause for celebration. Probably one of the best things about losing weight is going down in sizes not up, lol. Keep up the great work!
  • Way to go, Windchime!
  • Sweet!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!
  • NIIIIIIICCE!!! Let's do the "Happy Dance"!!! Congratulations!!

  • YAY - GOOD FOR YOU! There are few things that feel better than be able to wear a smaller size (especially a belt or jeans) - whatever you're doing is evidently working, it's just showing up as inches lost instead of pounds - hey, that's just as worthy of celebrating, right?