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Default No birthday cake or desserts! No binging! Worked-out!

So, we went to not one, but TWO birthday parties today (for two different people) and well, there was some not-so good food there, including cake, sweets etc.

I am doing the insulin resistance plan (I don't have IR, but I do have PCOS and I think the plan is very sensible) and I didn't eat ANYTHING that I would be ashamed of!

I had:

A sensible portion of fruit (red grapes and strawberries) and cheese cubes at the first party because it was earlier on, so more like a snack between breakfast and lunch -- NO CAKE or dessert or anything!!

and for the second one, which was more a lunchtime, I had:

a reasonable portion (say, half cup) each of black beans, vegetarian baked beans with vegggie franks, and about 1/4 cup of rice with two deviled eggs -- so about a whole egg total.

I also had about 6 ounces of sangria, but c'mon, it was a party lol ... and also, I want to learn the art of moderation and being able to be sensible and not all/nothing (which is a mindset that has led to many failures).

The rest of the day I had water

NO CAKE! NO COOKIES! NO SODA! I am so darn proud because parties and such are SUCH binge triggers for me.

The best part is, weigh-in was today, three more pounds gone - and I managed in a work-out too.

Even better, I didn't even *think* about food today other than to plan sensibly. I didn't sneak food when no one was watching, I didn't cave and eat cake, or binge, or obsess.

I feel like I am really changing my mindset and I am so happy

(ETA: the lack of veggies is because neither party had any veggie plate or anything that wasn't attached to something that was worse for me lol)

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Oh my goodness! CONGRATS! I know how difficult it can be to resist the "bad" food when it's right in your face and people are eating all around you. Good for you on making healthy choices.

And good work on your 3 lb. loss.
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Oh my goodness Allowingslender that was great! I think you have just inspired me to do better! Wanna be my friend in this weight loss journey? I think that would be really fun and inspiring! Let's maybe join a challenge together or something. Let me know!
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That would be awesome I am posting a lot in mini-goals because it helps motivate me, and because this has to be the first time in my life I am doing a sensible, easy, HEALTHY plan that fuels my body instead of depriving it.

Congrats on your weight loss thusfar Dumplin, and also to starrynights!!

This site is great!
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