Yay, I am at my wedding weight again!

  • Hi everyone!

    The last time I had tried to change my lifestyle, I never posted any kind of mini-goal in here. Somehow, I thought I wasn't worthy... I couldn't reward myself with it until I had reached goal. I have a different perspective now... if I am going to continue losing, I feel like I have to share and celebrate each victory, so I feel more satisfaction with the work I am doing to change my life.

    so, here is my first big victory... I AM AT MY WEDDING WEIGHT!!! 153, baby!

    :c arrot:


    Okay, done, lol.

    Next stop, crossing that horrid 150's into 140's line... that line has somehow evaded me for years. It's like some kind of mental block. I NEED to cross that line... at 145, I am coming back here to celebrate again, lol.

    Okay, thanks guys, for letting me have my moment of joy in here, haha.
  • Congrats! I hear ya on the 150 line, as I too have struggled with it in the past.
  • WTG! You can obviously do it. Your next cahllenge will be more of a victory to you. Keep up the great work!
  • Good for you! I think almost all of us have tied our memories and our weight together. Each of my mini-goals represents a weight I remember being at specific times in my life. I am almost to my 'pre-pregnancy' weight- before a twin pregnancy and a singleton. Just 5 pounds till I reach that, then I'll be going for another life milestone in weight. It's kind of funny how we women do that- I wonder if men do?
  • fantastic!
    I actually have a question- the pictures representing body size, where did you find that? I really would like something like that for myself.
  • outstanding
  • Congratulations! Do you have your dress still?
  • Thighs be gone - yes, I do still have my dress. When I get into the lower 140s, I want to put it on and have it be big on me lol.

    Amber- I actually don't remember. I made it back in 07 when I first started here and it's been so long now... I just always kept it in my profile. Sorry. It comes from some kind of online shopping site I think. I wonder if they even still have the same kind of system or if they have changed it. I wish I could be of more help
  • That is awesome! Way to gooO!
  • Congrats , I would love to get back down to my wedding day size!
  • Fantastic job! Feels GREAT doesn't it?
  • Congratulations! That's a big deal!