I kinda thought I couldn't do it - but I did!

  • I've only been back on the wagon for 6 days and tonight my teenage son invited 3 friends over. I always get snack food for them and I usually eat more than I should. But I've been so good this week it would be awful to blow it. I resolved not to take the first bite AND I used strategies from "Mindless Eating" to help myself - I immediately put the leftovers in containers that hid the food and then put those containers out of sight. And using a WW strategy, I bought WW fudge pops that I could eat so I wouldn't feel completely deprived when they had ice cream. I looked on this as a rehearsal for Halloween and now I'm not dreading it like I was.

    Feeling like I can do this!
  • Wow Sharon! Great accomplishment!!! It's the little things like that that really add up ^^
  • I just joined this wonderful site yesterday. I have read many messages in here to "get to know" the room. I am so impressed by the spirit of determination that I sense in all of the posts. I am so glad I found this site!! I have 30 lbs. to lose, and with support like this, I can't lose...(PARDON THE PUN!!) Continued good health and weight loss to all of you!!
  • That`s so great! Congratulations!!
    It seems a great strategy for Halloween too!