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We can do it.
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Default Wow a size 8.....**NSV**

Before I started this journey I went pants shopping. And it was painful for me. I started at a size 8 when trying them on and by size 11 I did not wanna know what size I was. Went to the mens section and got a pair of pants I knew I could fit, paid my money and left. Swearing I would never try a womens pair of jeans ever again.

Well today that all changed. Today I was at the store with my youngest son visiting the hubby at work. After we got done talking I decided to walk around the store a bit. Well I saw a rack of some clearance pants. All over them a size 8 average. So I say what the heck I'll try them on. Besides I kinda want to know what size I am in womens pants. And they fit me Oh My Gosh I could not believe. Actually in those pants I probably could have wore a size 7 because the pants were a little loose around the waist.

I was so so happy. I just could not believe it and I kept saying that in the dressing room.
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Doing it for my future!!!
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YOU GO GIRL!!! I know you feel amazing. Keep up the good work!
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Hi NeedtoLoseinGA!

Congrats, how thrilling!! I *SO* hear you about not even wanting to know your actual pants size Most of my pants are loose drawstring ("adjustable") to avoid finding out my real size.

Size 8 is awesome, 7 is awesome-r!
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one day at a time
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congrats!!!! thats so exciting. I can only dream of the day!
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oh my gosh what anacheivement! well done
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300+ Chick
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Way to go!! Glad that you had found a clothing that fits right,,You go girl!!
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Happy New Rears!
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That must have been the greatest feeling!!

I have a pair of jeans on a shelf in my closet, they won't come up past my thighs. One of these days they are going to fit, I'm not giving up
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Good for you! It is so much fun to find you can fit in a smaller size. Congrats.
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Way to go! you must feel great, and have definitely earned it!
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That is so wonderful!! Doesn't it feel good to fit into some pants you weren't able to a few months ago!! Always such an ego boost for me!!! Congrats on the size 8....and maybe a size 7!!!!
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That's awesome! WTG!
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MSer living healthy
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Congratulations on your achievement
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