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Default Am I shrinking?

I've lost 12.5lbs and 2" so far, and personally I can't really tell that much in the mirror. Maybe a little in my face... but my engagement ring is fitting much looser... I will probably have to get it resized soon. And, a lot of my size 24 pants are getting loose... I may have to actually buy a belt. However, people around me, my fiance and his family have been saying that I look like I have been losing weight... I just can't wait until I really start to see the difference in the mirror!!

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Don't just go by what you see in the mirror every day. Photos will make the change more obvious.
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I've lost 25 lbs. and not one person has noticed. I have heard a few comments that I am "looking well."

When there is a lot of weight to lose, it takes a greater loss to see a difference. I can see a little bit of a difference, but others can't yet.
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When I was at 260, I lost 30 pounds before anyone noticed. Then, a whole bunch of people seemed to notice at the same time. It was weird.

To be honest, I didn't see it at all. I had to lose 50 pounds before I could look in the mirror and truly see a difference. And now, at 80+, I still don't look in the mirror and see a huge change. I still look fat to me.

Don't trust your eyes. Trust your scale, or even better trust your clothing.
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Originally Posted by Tealeaf View Post
Don't trust your eyes. Trust your scale, or even better trust your clothing.
oh so true! thats the way i luv to go by
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That's why it is good to take pics. You see yourself every day, it's going to be a while before you notice a change. And like others have said, when you have more to lose, it takes longer to notice. But when you have those pics you'll be able to see it much better.
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