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Default I went to Europe for Three weeks and...


Before leaving for europe Busted my butt and got from 165 to 159.4 I was very happy because I got out of the 160's!

So, in Europe I ate:
grilled fish, smoked fish, fresh fruits and non fat yogurt, grilled veggies, chicken, salads, and the occasional bite of cereal. Most of the foods were drizzled in olive oil.

I had no:
bread, pizza, pasta, cream, only had cheese twice, fried foods, beef, or sugary desserts.

So basically I modified south beach to the best of my ability and made sure i had enough to eat.

I landed after a 14 hour flight from Rome two days ago and after my 2.75 mile run (had to walk .25 and today my thighs KILL) yesterday I figured today would be the day...

I hopped on the scale and it read 149.4

My stomach dropped.

Ten pounds exactly... I'm on cloud nine right now!

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I deserve to feel good!
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congratulations, that's so awesome. Usually "vacation" is considered a "free pass" and then after it's over the person ends up being upset at the end for gaining! I'm going on vacation for 5 days tomorrow, I hope I can be as successful as you and lose a pound!
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Thats fantastic!!! Well done you, thats great that your new way of eating is so part of your life that you can do it whilst on holiday!!
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Now that is inspiring. I want to be at goal before we go to Paris in September for my 30th birthday. What I didn't want to do was totally go over my goal by being there. Now I know it can be done. (However, I think I'm going to have to do A LOT of walking to make up for those strawberry tarts I like to eat everyday while I'm there.)
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Wow, that is awesome! I'm leaving for Europe in August and while I don't know if I will loss ten pounds when I'm there, I'm hoping I will at least maintain.

Did you count calories at all? Or did you just watch what you ate?
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Canary- I just watched what I ate. I printed out a little card with the calorie counts of fruits and other items just to remind myself... I never actually sat down counted calories. I just stuck with the grilled items and didn't touch the creamy pastas. The food was amazing- My best dinner was a plate of smoked salmon and then the most unique salad I have ever tried:
steamed zucchini and carrots layer then a layer of crisp apples, topped with plain no fat yogurt and a couple walnut pieces. The food is just so wonderful that you don't miss the breads.

I hope all of you have a great time on a trip and thanks for all the kind words! In a million years I would have never guessed I would be someones inspiration
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