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Red face Resisting, resisting, resisting.....

It isn't much but I felt really proud of myself today. First off, I didn't have time to eat breakfast. My mama always goes to McDonalds for coffee in the morning and she always asks me if I want something. Well today I said yeah, a fruit parfait. They didn't have any. I was hungry and was tempted to get a chicken biscuit when I remembered that I had thrown an extra sandwich in my lunch bag for some reason last night. So I had that and a bottle of diet green tea for breakfast. Alright. Fast forward to mid shift break, which I took really late. Why? Cause my head supervisor is a stupid ******* who yelled at me for five minutes for something I didn't do. I was pissed and as always those damn cravings hit me. I went into the canteen to get my daily orange juice and went looking for the miniature york peppermint patties that they usually sell individually. I was just going to get one to satisfy the craving and not totally blow my pts apart, ya know? Got to the cash register, no patties. That Hersheys was looking mighty good but instead a grabbed a mint and took off. And guess what? It worked. I sucked on that mint, sipped my OJ and felt much calmer. I was still a little pissed off so I went to the Starbucks for a smoothie. I decided that it would be my lunch. Now they make their smoothies with ice, water, and this smoothie mix that I just discovered you can get at Walmart. Don't know how many calories and such the mix has. I had her add whipped cream. It's now three hours later and half of the smoothie is still sitting on my mama's desk, melting.....along with ALL the whipped cream! Don't want it no more. I know it cost almost $4 but I just don't want no more. I'm still getting the hang of ditching my penny pinching ways for better health overall.
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Good for you!!!!! For being strong and risking all that temptation!!!!! You made really good choices, and for that you should be very proud of yourself. My childrens teachers always say to give your child orange juice and peppermint before their standarized tests. (something to do with the oj and peppermint helping with concentration?) So I follow their advice. Maybe it works. Anyway I bet you were really angry at your boss for chewing you out for something that you did not do!!!! I would be too!!! But you handled everything gracefully. Keep up the good work!!!! -Paula
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That's so great! You've really started to internalize that healthy choices have to be made several times each day, and you're doing the right thing.

I know what you mean about the penny pinching-- I'm broke and in college so I always think I have to eat every bite to get my money's worth or something or I'd feel guilty for wasting cash. But you know what? If we do eat it all, we've then not only wasted money on food but busted our diets for the day too!
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Great choices - well done!
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You're talking about the frappuccinos at Starbucks, right? If I'm really craving one of those, I order a small, light caramel one. They'll use skim milk and no whipped cream. Absolutely delicious and less than 200 calories You really can't taste a difference between that and a full fat/sugar one.
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Congratulations on making great choices, especially when you were feeling stressed out. That's not an easy thing to do! Good luck with your goals
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wow.... u should be so proud of urself..... very good
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Way to go! Woohoo!
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I have less blubber!
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Yay SHARI! Your doing so great!
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