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ledfour 03-20-2007 03:04 AM

NSV- Buca

I'm new to 3fc. Well sort of..I've lurked around for two weeks. I NEVER register or post on forums because I'm shy but you guys are so positive. I know and it's inevitable that I'll have a bad day and I'll need to post..So here I am.

I started walking and eating healthy on March 3 give or take..and the only time I slipped up was eating out. I love to eat out at restaurants so now I avoid them.
But today I was in a situation and had to go to Buca De Beppo...While I was craving the pizza and thought about the Lasagna.....even though I told myself to order healthy.....I ordered the Salmon with roasted Veges.. I know ....It's so small...it's nothing and everything. Hopefully next time I have to eat out I will relate it to this time.


akacutie2006 03-22-2007 05:07 PM

:welcome: I too know how hard it can be to resist going out to eat!! What type of diet are you following?? Some diets like Weight watchers allow you to eat out but you'd have to count your points....

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