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Cool Double NSV - shrinking appendages

NSV #1 During a girl's shopping night last week, my friend stopped by the shoe store. I was browsing for a new pair of sneakers and decided to try some on. But my usual 9 1/2 W (or 10 ) didn't fit. Neither did a 9, or an 8 1/2. I am down to a size 8 regular (or wide, depending). That's almost the size my feet were in junior high school I have to re-order my orthotics so they'll fit in smaller shoes - but still yay

NSV #2 The spacer I had been using to adjust my engagement ring finally broke (painfully - it was stabbing me in the finger ) I had noticed some extra gap anyway, so I went to a local higher-end jeweler. It's not a terribly expensive ring, but it means a lot to me. They are currently re-sizing my ring from a size 8 to a size 6 1/4. That's teeny I don't think my fingers have been that small since like 6th grade. It means I have to be without my ring for a week or so , but I will be less likely to lose it when I get it back.

Now if only the more centered parts of me (ie. butt, hips, belly) would follow suit

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WOW!! That is great, Lisa! Gives me inspiration to keep on trying! Thanks for sharing!
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That's fantastic. I bet it felt amazing to find a new shoe size!
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Oh Man, I would love for my feet to shrink. I'm a size 10/11 now (used to be a size 10). If my feet went down to a size 9 I would be happy, but for some reason I don't think that would happen. Is this feet shrinking thing typical?

Congrats on the engagement ring resizing!
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Wow that gives me hope for my daughter. For a long time she has had very wide feet---hard to fit for shoes. Since she is losing weight too I am hoping her feet get smaller in width. Also I have very much wanted to fit back into my wedding ring. I have not worn it since my son who is 9 now. This gives me hope.
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WOW!! Congratulations!
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Fantastic! what a great reason to go shopping!
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