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Default I'm an inspiration?

So... I am a member of a mom's group and a few weeks ago someone sent out a message saying they were pg and needed maternity clothes and I said she could have mine.

Apparently this sent a stir through the group that if I was out of mine in 3 months, what the heck was their excuse. Apparently my running and weight loss is now being buzzed about as inspirational. I'm not quite back to pre-baby weight, but back to when most of them met me (I met most of them when I was already a few months along)

Makes me blush, but
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So happy to be me :)
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Congratulations! I love reading about your running. It gives me hope that I can get in shape before I start kids, and even more, gives me hope for after kids! I have heard so many horror stories that it's nice to hear that being in shape after children is entirely possible.

Again, congratulations! You deserve it!
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Wonderful!! You are going to be one hot momma! (not that you aren't already )
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Congratulations! You ARE an inspiration, not just for your mothering group, but also for the TFC community.

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