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Default Me & My old pants!

My friend Angela & I try to meet once a month for lunch ... we've dubbed it 'Loser Lunch'. Seeing the changes I've made has inspired Angela to embark on her own journey, and to date she's shed 55 lbs - woohoo, go Angela!

Anyway, we're so darn connected that we seem to have plateau'd at around the same time. We've both been hovering around the same weight now for the last couple of months.

Being in need of some much needed inspiration, I suggested that after lunch we take a walk down to Catherines, a plus size clothing store that we both used to have to shop for clothes.

The goal was to go thru the store and pic out an outfit (both shirt & jeans) in our OLD sizes and try them on. Making this choice was not a simple one at all ... I hadn't realized until then just how much my tastes have seemed to changed - but then, maybe it's not so much my taste as it is my body image ... ?

Ok, selections are finally made and it's off to the fitting room we go ... First my shirt and then the pants ... Wait - This can't be right ... I must have grabbed the wrong size - Nope, the tag reads right, but just to make sure I tossed them over to Angela to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me - We both were so shocked to see how far we've come ... to see the numbers everyday is one thing - but when you have that visual ... man, it'll blow you away!

I grabbed my phone and started snappin' pics (sorry, poor quality). The pants in this pic are the same style and size of the old pic - I still can't believe just how much difference there is! I honestly had to hold them to keep them from falling off me ... what a wonderful feeling it was - it inspired us so much that we immediately went for a nice long walk .... err umm, nice long 'float' b/c obviously we were both on cloud 9 the rest of the afternoon!

*note* :: I'd love to post Angela's pics too - but I've not asked for her permission ... once I do I'll update the thread!

In the meantime ... here's Me & My old pants (and shirt)!

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All I can say is.... WOW! You're come so far! You must feel so fantastic - way to go!
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WOW! You are doing a great job! I know you must be proud.

Best wishes continuing your journey!
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WOW, I know you must feel great. Good Job. How did you do it?
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Wow what an incredibile change! You are doing fantastic!!!!
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hara hachi bu
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Stacye! That's amazing, what a great job you've done!
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WOW WOW WOW!!! You look so amazing. Keep up the great work!!
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You do look amazing and should be very proud. The difference is so awesome. WTG for both of you. Congrat's.
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That is fantastic! You look great!
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You look great!!!
You are doing so wonderful, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
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that is hysterical! I love to go in Catherine's too and "look" at my old sizes but never thought about trying them on or taking pix. <GGGGG> Good for you!!! Congrats! I did keep one of my old blouses though. <G>

Tee hee I wonder what the clerks thought when the two of you took clothes that size into the dressing rooms
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Look at you!!! And what a fun thing to do! Your hard work is visibly paying off.
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Stacye! Look at how far you've come! Definitely a good way to let a plateau work in your favor WTG!!
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WOW, look at you go.. You look fantastic!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Just the I needed today!! ***Going home tonight to try on some old clothes****

WTG Stacye!!
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