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woooo hooo.... i kept a pair of larger trousers and a "stupidly small" pair.. (there a uk18.. so not really small but compared to when i started i could get em up to my knees lol... well i can almost be seen out in them... they do up etc... just a little tight round the thigh... but most ppl prob wouldnt notice / wear worse lol.... the the bigger size.. i was keeping as it was a sml 26...and were bit tighter than other clothes... all my new trousers were in the wash (22.. gettin baggy/ can take them down without undoing button/zip).. i dont have many at the mo.. theres no point... they were HUGE... lol.. massive on the leg and waist/hips.. couldnt believe it.... you dont notice the changes everyday... good for the motivation!

WTG !!! keep it up !!!! you look great
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Wow, what a huge difference! And what a neat idea. I've kept the pair of pants that I took my before pictures in, it is great motivation to see how clothes that used to fit you just perfectly are now way too big!! What an amazing accomplishment you've had and you look wonderful!!
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Thanks so much for all the kind words ... 3FC peeps are the BESTEST!

And my apologies for not posting a response sooner ... the DH & I own a business together and we've been out of town - hate working out of town, yuk! Wondering when the heck we're going to survey the beach or something!??

Anyway, THANKS AGAIN ... and let the record show that most (if not all) of my inspiration comes from right here ... ALL OF YOU! Congrats on YOUR success and thanks for sharing it with us!

Plateau'd once again ... but not giving up!
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Wow! that is awesome, what a great idea!! I can see a weight loss in your face too- you're beautiful!
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I can only say one word.....WOW!! You look fantastic. You have become my new inspiration. Thank you for posting those pics.
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You can tell a big change!!! I can also tell the change in your [email protected]
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Wow that was a great story, brought a tear to my eye.
You look sooo cute now.
I REALLY LOVE how you are wearing your hair in your profile picture too!!!
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Hurray for you, not only for losing the weight but for the fun and creative idea of trying on your old size! Motivating! Thanks!
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WOW!!! Congrats!! So inspiring.
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MSer living healthy
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Congratulations, wow look at you, your looking fantastic. What a dramatic change in the photographs.

Good luck to you and Angela on you weight loss journey and reaching your goals.

Thanks for sharing your photographs and being an inspiration to me and others.
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Wow, you are doing an amazing job!
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I love that idea of going to a store and trying something on in your old size ! What a great idea.

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I love this idea of putting on a pair of pants that we used to wear and taking a picture inside of them. Wow....look at you!!! You have come a long way already. How great of you to think of something to boost your moral when you were feeling kinda low. You are looking great...and i'm sure your friend must be too!!! Keep up the good job!!! You'll be at goal before you know it!!!
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