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  • Yes, I know where Grant HS is. The Oregon coast is SO beautiful! I love it! We go all the time since we live 2 hours away from it. There are tons of stuff to see here. You should come for a weekend and explore!!! You wont be sorry!

    Thanks again to everyone to commented. I was nervous putting my pics up, but now im glad I did it!!! If I can do this....ANYONE can!!
  • WTG Randee!!!
  • You look great girl! You do look like 2 different people!

  • Thanks! I cant wait till I can see what I look like at 50 lbs lost!!! This was such a great motivator! I suggest that everyone take pics of themselves!! its great for your self esteem!!! I cant believe HOW different I look!!
  • I took before's in a bra and panties. I tried to chicken out, but my hubby made me, saying I'd end up really appreciating the difference! I can't even bear to look at I saw them and said 'how in the world do you crawl in bed with me every night?' Coming up on a month....I'm going to take more soon!

  • Good for you! I couldnt get myself to take one in bra and panties, but I do have full body ones. I also hate looking at them. You WILL love to see the results when you start seeing the difference!!
  • congrats. you look beautiful
  • wow! you can really see the difference in your face, you're right, it's a heck of a lot thinner!! congratulations!!!
  • lookin good!
  • Beautiful!

    Please keep going, and please keep sharing!