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Default I need some advice and opinions y'all!

Hi people! Like my title says, I need some advice and opinions. I won't make this post as long as my others

I went to the doctor yesterday and of course had the usual weigh in that I have dreaded for the last several years. Same doctor I have been seeing, same doctor who weighed me at 258 pounds in July 2012, and same doctor who didn't recognize me at my last appointment. Anyway, when he saw what I weighed at this appointment (186 pounds), he told me he highly advises that I lose no more than 15 pounds. I asked him to explain why because my first goal was 165, but I was hoping to get down to 150 eventually. He told me that the way my body carries weight that any less than 15 pounds would make me look sickly. I don't believe this to be the case. I think maybe he was just trying to be nice? I really can't wrap my head around it and so I've got two pictures I am going to post. A before and after. The after was taken right before I went to the doctor. I'm 5'7 and 186 pounds...does anyone else have this issue with people telling them not to lose anymore when they're still considered significantly overweight?? I don't want to start looking sickly, but I just don't think I would be happy at 171 pounds.

Before picture at 258 pounds. Picture in batman shirt at 186

.march 5th 2012.jpg
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At your height, it would seem to me that 150 would be just fine. If your doctor had given you a medical reason, I would at worst suggest getting a second opinion, but telling you that getting to a certain weight would be about "looks" -- well, not really a professional opinion there. When I was a teen and was about 5'9", I weight 140 all through high school. No one ever told me I was too skinny.

Your pictures look great, BTW.!
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You're doing great. Weight watchers says 160 is on the high end of the healthy weight scale. You can't even get "Lifetime Member" status if you are over that weight for that height (I too am 5'7"). If you are really freaked, go talk to a nutritionist, get a second opinion. Sounds like this Doc is a perfect case of someone seeing a loss and getting freaked out. Its you're body.
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Play it by ear! And the doctor should know that someone can weigh the same but have a very different body composition: more fat or more muscle.

you look great! but I think he is just seeing the comparison. If you went to a different doctor they might see you for the first time and say "Oh, you need to lose 25 pounds, you are so unhealthy at this weight." (which you aren't, but if that's all they see they have a different opinion.)
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Congrats on your loss so far, you look great.
I think your doctor was being nice. I think you should lose 15 lbs and reevaluate how YOU feel about your body at that point.
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I have not seen you nude or know how much you exercise...but IMO I think you should go for 150 get there and see how YOU feel about it.
My doctor who is overweight (female) keeps telling me I am her idol....and that was even before I got this 20lbs of the 24lbs off I gained 2 years ago..She was ALL ga ga on me!...I run and have good muscle tone. So it has always been hard to bring up my thinking I had weight to lose. This is where I feel great( actually have 4 lbs to go)
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Honestly, I think you look dang good for 186! Yea, go ahead and lose 15lbs to see how you feel there then you will know whether or not to keep losing more. I agree it may have been a case of comparison from before and after and the shock.
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I have had that too but I am a bit taller.. I am 5'10.. I currently weight 220 and NO one believes I weigh that much.. The doctor asked me since I am trying to lose weight how much I want to weigh when I am done..and I said 150.. he told me I shouldnt go any less than 175 since I am so tall and I Already look smaller than what I am.. I just think it all depends on how YOU feel about your body.. I want to go to 150 unless I do see that I am getting TOO skinny.
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IMHO...... the comment was unprofessional & you decide whether or not you will look good.
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Go for it! If you were on an unhealthy diet I would understand your doctor, but it isn't the case. The worst thing that could happen is that you don't like your skinnier body, and you can gain a few pounds back if you're not happy.

Congrats btw! You look amazing at 189
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Thanks all of you! I am glad to have advice and support from you! I agree with what you all said! and thanks for the compliments they sure do help!
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First time I have run into someone similar to me. I am an inch shorter than you at the same weight currently (I got to 175, but I am up 10 pounds since holidays). I have been in maintenance for 25 months...bouncing between 175-187.

I am a size 8 at 175 and 8's are tight at 175...start to wear size 6. I am considered overweight.

Around 175...people make the getting too skinny comments. I want to get to 150 also. I am thrilled to have stayed close to 175 for the last 2 years, but I am ready to go to the next level. look fit and awesome
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