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  • You look great. You are beautiful.
  • looking at these pics is just amazing! congrats! you look sooo good!
  • Amazing....just AMAZING!

    Congratulations and good job on all of your hard work!
  • Carla you look so beautiful and happy!!! Good Job! You have been such a help and inspiration to me through my journey, thank you so much. I am really gonna try to find you and meet you this winter when we are in AZ.
  • Great Job!!!!!
  • Thank you to everyone for your compliments!

    I am mostly reading and posting in the carb counters/ Ideal Protein forum. The pictures were originally posted there and now are incorporated here and I forget to check it out!

    I am so grateful for the kind words and humbled that I could be an inspiration for anyone. That is a very special compliment.

    For those who don't know my story. I have been overweight to obese for about 20 years. I was very active, worked out about 1-1/2 hrs a day 5 to 6 times a week and met with a personal trainer 3 days a week for strength training. I ate a diet of about 1500 calories and kept it very healthy and organic. I never lost weight and towards the end of that frustrating journey gained 29 pounds in 12 weeks. My thyroid was functioning but slow other than that, all of my health was GREAT! (thank God and good genetics for that!)

    In November of 2009 I found a diet program called Ideal Protein. I had tried other low carb plans like Atkins or South Beach and, for me, they didn't work. This was another low carb plan but, I thought "why not". The focus was to reset the pancreas. Basically, give the pancreas a chance to reset and stop producing to much insulin. I started 2 days before Thanksgiving in 2009 and by May 2010 I had lost 90 pounds total. I have maintained that for the past 5 months. A real first in my life! I didn't exercise while getting there. I don't have loose, sagging skin. Today I do exercise; I even run! It is so amazing to be able to work out and not feel the aches and strain I use to have at nearly 100 pounds heavier. I have taken a break during these past months and adjusted to my "new me". I still would like to lose another 30 or so pounds. My goal is to get that off by April of 2011 or sooner .

    During this process, I learned about my body how it processes carbohydrates aka carbs and that I just can't eat as may as someone else can, even if they are healthy carbs.

    Initially, I ate a moderate protein, low carb, low fat, low calorie diet. It included lots of highly bio available protein, lean animal proteins, and LOTS of green veggies. NO starchy or sugary vegetables, no grains, no fruit, no nuts, and very little dairy. As my body healed, I added those back. I now eat a small amount of everything. Going forward, I know I will never have the freedom to eat many carbs in one day and I know my body doesn't process refine carbs very well at all for long periods of time.

    For me the Ideal Protein diet was the most AMAZING thing/diet I have ever been introduced to and followed. It has been around for more than 25 years and has had more than 7 million successful dieters. It is approved by the FDA and by the Canadian counterpart. It is a medically designed diet coordinated and offered by medical professionals. The science is sound and the program is easy to follow. The foods are very nutritious and healthy and the program teaches you to cook for yourself and how to introduce a healthy balanced diet back into your lifestyle. It provides more than weight loss for many people. It does this because is helps heal the body. It is designed to correct hyperinsulinemia, metabolic X, and to help with some diabetes. Many persons who have followed the program lost weight and, also experienced improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, sleep apnea, PCOS, acid reflux and gerd, and inflammation or auto immune disorders. These are all unique and not the sole intention of the diet. They are just the response of your body as it heals and corrects the problems that developed or existed in conjunction with being overweight.

    I encourage everyone out there trying to diet to keep searching and to find out why they are having issues. Yes, it may be that you aren't moving enough or you are over eating, it may be that you have a health issue that makes matters worse, it may also be that your body doesn't need as much of a particular food or can't process a category of foods well. We have many possibilities and find the right answer for you will help you to have and maintain success.
  • You are hot hot HOT What a transformation--I can only hope to look like you at that weight, you are amazing!
  • Congratulations!
  • Carla - thanks so much for your totally inspirational story. It is stories like this that help keep us motivated. I am not sure where those extra 30 (NOT) lbs might be, but I am sure if your body wants it off it will come off. Keep updating us on your maintenance. I am so very impressed!! Beth =)
  • wow! you go girl!
    Wow!! you look amazing! Congrats!! And thanks for posting your pics. you are very inspiring! I am on day 3 of IP and so glad i found this forum. i was just looking at holiday recipes. thrilled with all the ideas! thx
  • WHOOP WHOOP!! you just inspired me some more! Was a little down but thanks for bringing me back up!!
  • You look incredible! Amazing job!
  • Wow!! Excellent progress!!
  • One word.. WOW!

    Well done! Fab job - looking amazing!
  • You have the arms everyone wants!