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Default 80 POUNDS LOST!!!! (with photos)

Seeing before and after pics was such (and still is) a huge motivation for me when I first started on here that I promised to post pics when I hit the 50 pound mark (which I did). Then I planned to do the 75 pound mark, but have been so busy I am a little late, so here are 80 pound loss pics instead!
I started out at somewhere over 300 pounds (am guessing at about 310) and wore a size 24 and a 3x/4X top. I currently wear size 16/18 and an XL top.

I had an unknown dermoid (my body tried to impregnate itself and was creating a "baby") for 10 years and weight was constantly a struggle as a result. (Think of it as my body was basically acting like it was pregnant all that time). It also didn't help that I LOVE sugar and carbs either. When I actually became pregnant 3 years ago (which was a miracle), the dermoid was discovered in an ultrasound. They couldn't remove it until the latter part of my pregnancy though for fear of hurting my DD, and I gained almost 100 pounds during the pregnancy. When the dermoid was removed, I did see a little less weight gain, but the damage was still done.
After DD was born, none of the weight came off. I was already a vegetarian, and I tried eating lower calories, but was afraid to drop below 2000 cal as I was still breastfeeding. I tried losing weight again, dropping to 1500-1800 calories with moderate exercise, but again didn't really see any results, so I gave up and drowned my sorrows in pizza and ice cream. I was so unhappy with my body and I hated my hubby seeing me naked, but I didn't know what to do. I began gaining even more weight (had been about 270 after DD was born), and even though I thought it was just a few pounds, when I stepped on the scale in June and saw over 300....I just broke down. I resolved to make a change. DD was still BFing, but I dropped my calories to 1200-1500 a day, knowing that my milk supply might deplete, but willing to take that chance as 1500 calories a day had not been working and she was already over 2 yrs old anyways. I started light exercise (Wii Fit, BL workout videos, biking, etc), and finally started noticing a difference.
Right after I started my diet, I was involved in a domestic violence situation with my ex who had PTSD, and I ended up leaving and moving 2X in a month with our daughter. It was so stressful, but I stuck with it instead of turning to food for comfort. At about 285 pounds I started the C25K program (which is a miracle as I HATE running), and really noticed a difference at the rate of weight loss even though I was only running a few minutes each day. At about 260 I joined the gym and began a real commitment to using the cardio machines and the treadmills. Right after I upped my exercise, I had a TOM that lasted for over 3 weeks and I upped my calories to try and combat this. I basically stayed at the same weight for that month which was really hard when I was working so hard. Eventually it ended though, and I haven't had any more problems since then health wise. I now regularly run 1/2 hour on the treadmill (only at 5 mph, lol), and plan to be able to run a marathon by the end of next year. Still haven't experienced that running euphoria everyone talks about, in fact I still pretty much dislike every second of it, but I stick with it as it is so rewarding to just be able to do it and it sure seems to help the weight come off.

Anyways, am hoping to be able to eventually brag at the 100 pound mark....but with the holidays coming up, it might be awhile before those pics will make it on here lol.

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Amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You look gorgeous how inspiring to all of us ~ thank you for sharing
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you look amazing, great job!
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Wow. You are doing so well. You are doing it! How exciting! Your transformation and story is inspiring--what to stick to the program. I know you must be on top of the world--and the great news is--IT GETS BETTER! I am so excited for you! I can hardly wait to read about your continued success.
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Well done! You look fantastic!


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You are looking GREAT! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
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<---- drinking a glass of H20 on the rocks 4 u!

Woo Hoo!

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Congrats, you're looking great!!
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Way to go Jessica. You look amazing. Keep up the good work..
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You look AMAZING! Keep it up! Cant wait to see your final goal pics! =)
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jessicado22 you look awesome!!

You're in for a big treat. I've found the biggest coolest changes happened once I got below 220 or so... So watch out for the fun to REALLY start!

And running does get a lot more pleasant/easier the more you lose! How exciting your going for a marathon!
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You look FABULOUS!
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Fantastic! Congrats
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Wow girl! That is awesome!
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