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Never give up
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Height: 5'1.5"


andthrive, you're making everyone jealous here! I agree, you are probably at a good weight but you're probably just not happy with the way your body looks. Go for the toning as someone suggested. You can do far, far more to get the look you want if you sculpt and work with the muscle. I (a fellow Pittsburgher, by the way!) know because I (at one long-ago point) lost a lot of weight but just looked the same, only smaller. It wasn't until I started working with weights and such that I could really change as I wanted to....well, that is, until the excess fat accumulated to a certain point......
In any case, good for you for wanting to make changes and for addressing your dissatisfaction before it gets out of hand!
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Wow. You have a smoking hot body... I mean it. I always want to be encouraging here, but I think you would look gaunt and a little like my 11 year old niece at 5'7" 110-115. I dare say 99.9% of men would agree that you have a very hot shape and body. I'm sorry, I'm just being honest. I think if you work out and lose 5-10lbs., you will be right where you want to be...I hope! Good luck to you!
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Yes, I would encourage toning as well.
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bow chicka wow wow
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Can I have your bod plz?
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I'm 5' 7" and was 110 lbs many many moons ago. But.....I had serious body issues and still thought I was chubby at that weight when in reality I was extremely thin. I look back on pictures of me at that weight and almost cringe....wayyyy to thin. (My face was cute though...but my body was sickly looking).

But, it's your decision. Just please be healthy and I agree with everyone here....toning is your answer to an even hotter body.
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