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Default 3rd minigoal = ONEDERLAND!! Yea! (And, as usual, too many pictures!)

Hello again everyone! As some of you may know if you hang around the 20-somethings/100-lb club forums, I just reached my 3rd mini-goal of making it to ONEDERLAND! So, I figured that it must be about time for my second installment of progress pictures. Enjoy!

Some before pictures (yuck):
(Ps. The first pic should say "May 2007," not 2008!)

And my current pictures (the new old me, hehe):

(I put on a different shirt for the side view and took another front view pic in that shirt, since the one that I've been wearing in my other progress pics is starting to get pretty loose and doesn't really show off my waist as well as it should, hehe! )

(Please ignore my obscenely untidy room! )

Personally, I'm pleased with the difference that I see in the side view, though I still HATE how freaking massive my arms are--of all the 24 lbs I've lost since my last mini-goal, it doesn't appear as though a single ounce of it came from my arms, heh. The difference seems less pronounced in the front view pictures, but I can still see it and and I am very pleased!! I almost look like a normal-sized person instead of being grossly obese. Hopefully you all can see it, too, and I'm not just hallucinating!

Oh, and of course, no progress pics of mine would be complete without some terribly conceited self-portraits!

My (um, failed) attempt at showing off the fact that I HAVE COLLARBONES! Hahaha. And yes, I DID actually change into a third shirt (on the same evening) to take these last two pictures! LOL!

And yer run-o-the-mill face shot! I wish I didn't look so pale, hehe, but I guess my summer tan couldn't last forever! And I still think I'm kinda cute, lol!

All right!! Have at 'em!! I want your 100% honest opinions, hehe.

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You are totally hot. I CAN see the difference in your arms! Your chin/face/neck, waiste, everything! You are rockin it girl.
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Oh yeah there's a difference in the arms for sure and more is coming off every day! Keep it up - it's so inspiring to see others further down the road than me!
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Wow you look fantastic! Awesome progress. When I lost weight the first time around my arms never budged. I still hate them. But anyways... you look great!
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keep on truckin'
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AMAZING difference! GREAT job!
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Meredith you look fantastic!! I LOVE your black/white/pink top. It looks great on you!!
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My 100% honest opinion?

Wow. Wow!!! And Wow!!!!

What an amazing difference. Your happiness and your confidence is just shining through. As well they should be! Just keep at it. There are so many more sweet, sweet rewards just ahead of you as up plummet down to the 180's and even lower. So sweet in fact, and so much better then any of that cake or other stuff ever tasted.

Oh yeah. And collar bones? Ain't they the GREATEST? Better and prettier then any diamond necklace in the world. They are priceless. Priceless.

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Wow! You look amazing!
I'm totally jealous of your collarbones! And your flat tummy!

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You look great!! Keep up the good work!
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Are we there yet????
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smokin! I get the collarbones thing. I did the same thing actually.
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Wow, another great set of progress pics! It's really showing in your face, but all over too.
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Very nice changes and very pretty girl! I was stoked too when I realized I had collar bones. :P
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You're melting! You look amazing! Lookat that waist!! So adorable! Congrats!
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you look HOT!

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Absolutely stunning !!
What the heck did you do to lose so fast
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