Getting there slowly but surely!

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  • I though't I'd share my before and during pic if you don't mind!
    I haven't been posting a lot of late but I have read pretty much every single post and hope to start properly contributing soon.
    The first pic is me at about 193ish but it could be more!
    The second pic is me at around 163 (I am a bit drunk in the pic, sorry and I was dressed up as a pimp for a night out )

    (Edit 06/05/08-Added new pics in a new post at the bottom)

    Edit-a better comparison!

    Edit 2-A new pic of me at 157(ish) exercising with my little sister

    Edit - 12th Nov 2011

    Me about 2 months ago at 170 ^^^^ (SHOCK HORROR I REGAINED SOME WEIGHT!!)

    Back to 155 this weekend (in the same dress I had on in a previous pic!)

    Just to show - regaining some weight is not the end of the world and you CAN get back on track

  • wow great job! very pretty before and after
  • Congratulations on your weight loss. Excellent work and keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your photographs.
  • Congrats! Keep it up and you'll be at your goal in no time Great work!
  • You're gorgeous! How flattering that corset is on you! Love your hair too. You are smashing. Good job on the weight loss!
  • He he...Ladies is Pimps too!
    Great Job.
  • I am loving that corset... you really know how to work it !

    Great job... KEEP IT UP!
  • Your a cutie!! You look great!!!
  • Thanks you guys!
  • Hey girl,
    you sure look good and your waist looks tiny in comparison with the before pic!! congratulations , how did u do it?
  • You look great!!!! keep up the good work...can't wait till I reach the 30lb goal......I love your hair in the fist pic!!!
  • Aaw thanks you guys!

    Quote: Hey girl,
    you sure look good and your waist looks tiny in comparison with the before pic!! congratulations , how did u do it?
    I'm calorie counting at the moment, eating about 1500 cals per day max.
    I have had problems with binge eating in the past so I have completely eliminated stuff that triggers binges-crisps, cakes, chocolate etc. and cut down on stuff like milk (I used to drink way too much!) cheese and eggs and I never eat red meat at all.
    Other than that I allow myself small portions of food that is "bad" (I have a chinese takeaway once a week but I have halved the portion size)

    I have also been exercising quite a lot-doing a dance DVD that lasts about 90mins at least 3 times a week as well as walking everywhere.

    I still have a heck of a way to go but it's getting easier as every day goes by! Good luck to all of you on your journey
    btw, I love your hair!
  • You look wonderful. Way to go!
  • You are so pretty! Good work!