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Samybear 12-31-2007 02:09 PM

46 pounds lost, taking me into the 170's!
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So far I have lost 46 pounds since March 2007, officially bringing me down into the 170's!! I haven't been this small since I was 17. I am currently wearing a size large/medium in tops and size 16 in bottoms. (My husband has been loosing weight with me so I'll include his weights as well. Also he's 5'9".)

October 2006 at 224 lbs


Hubby is 248 lbs

May 2007 at 204 lbs


Hubby is 228 lbs

July 2007 at 194 lbs

Hubby is 219 lbs

December 2007 at 178 lbs


Hubby is 205 lbs

Another photo at 178 lbs, with my dogs.



OptimistK 12-31-2007 02:19 PM

Congrats!!! That's so cool you have a partner to lose it with, and who better than the love of your life. Both of you keep up the good work.

sockmonkey70 12-31-2007 02:21 PM

The pictures aren't showin up for me :(

purpleorc 01-01-2008 11:15 AM

Congratulations on your weight loss, Like Sockmonkey I can not see your photographs either :(

cakses 01-01-2008 07:31 PM

congrats! you both look great!

denialisnthappiness 01-02-2008 03:37 AM

pictures aren't showing and I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :p:(

meowies 01-02-2008 04:37 AM

Both of you look so great!!! Good job and keep up the wonderful work!

xJox 01-02-2008 11:57 AM

I cant see the pics either :(

practiceliving 01-02-2008 02:08 PM

I can't see them either. :( Congrats on your great progress, though!

Slingnmom 03-19-2008 05:37 PM

What happened to your pictures?

Samybear 05-11-2008 06:37 PM

Fixed Pictures!
I hope everyone can see my pictures now, sorry it took so long to fix them.

ChristinaBeke 05-19-2008 01:24 PM

Great Job and Happy too that your DH is doing it too !

Both Look Great !~

denialisnthappiness 05-19-2008 03:39 PM

Can see them now! :) Way to go :carrot:

RASSMONKMH 04-20-2010 02:32 AM

you both loook great!! that's amazing!! congrats! :carrot:

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