Before and Current Photos - 159 lbs lost

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  • I found another before photo while looking for my son's birth certificate (he got his driver's permit last week and needed it for that). I couldn't help comparing it to my now photos. I thought you all might like to see them also.

    Ignore the big green arm in the before photo. My son was dressed up in a "Froggy" costume (from the Froggy children's books) and we were having our photo made together.


  • Gah! Pictures not loading!

    But I reallllly want to seeee!
  • Quote: Gah! Pictures not loading!

    But I reallllly want to seeee!
    Me toooooo!
  • Okay I think I have it fixed. I can't remember how to get them fullsized without having to click to open in a new window, but these will work until I remember (or if I don't).
  • Fixed it!

    Oh darlin, you look so amazing! The difference in your face is truly astounding. And that WAIST!

    You are basically a weight loss superstar!
  • You have been so successful! You look fantastic!
  • JTammy-you are gorgeous! What inspiration you are!!
  • Yay, Tammy!! What an incredible, amazing difference!!!
  • You look fantastic! Congratulations!!!
  • You deserve to look this good!
  • Tammy, you look positively BEAUTIFUL. I'm so very proud of you, and you are such an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing, girlie, you're AMAZZZZZING!
  • Wow....just wow. You look phenominal. So inspiring.

  • Congrats!!!!!! You Look Great!
  • You look fantastic
  • Wow! What a difference! Your legs look twice as long.