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Lose Weight in 2008!
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Wow! You look wonderful! Congratulations! I do have to say, you look like a totally different person!
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S/C/G: 30/Goal Met:L-XL/relosing some


WOW, TAMMY ~ you look maavalous, darlink!!! Truly, you look taller and like a different person; amazing how weight changes us so much, and losin' it too??? Thanks for sharing this with us all; what an inspiration you are for us. Did you share your program or your favorite tips somewhere? Maybe I missed that ...


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Thread Starter
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Thank you everyone for your comments. I do so appreciate them! Rosebud, I don't have a particular thread where I've shared my program. I started out somersizing but about mid way through, I gradually changed over to calorie counting, while continuing the whole foods that somersizing emphasizes. My exercise started out with walking a very slow 1/4 mile and moving up from there.
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Get Through The Moment
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Height: 5'4.5


Wow, Amazing.... As someone who has never been small as an adult I often try to picture what I would look like at my goal weight...your beautiful congrats to you...
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Wow, you look wonderful!
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Congratulations on your success!!! It is you and others like you who I use as my inspiration!!
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Height: 5'8


You look absolutely stunning!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Height: 5'4"


Such an amazing transformation!
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Height: 5"3


what a change, fantastic! I love how you're wearing a white over shirt in the first one, and now you have a white button down shirt in the looks like you always wanted to be wearing that shirt but couldn't before! I always dreamed of wearing white button down shirts, but I could only ever find one which fit me and it made me look soooo fat. I have 7 now!!
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Slimming Down
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You look great ... what a differance.
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Yes you look great and if that is how your body wears 180 then I think your body is right. Saying this only because so many of us have a warped sense of how we really look- you could definitely afford to wear more form fitting clothes- you are NOT fat anymore!
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Height: 5'3


So inspirational, thanks for sharing! The difference is practically miraculous.
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Biker Chick!
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May I add my congratulations!! and how great do you look now! You went from rather sedate/young matron to hot
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S/C/G: 260/117/115

Height: 5'5


I am shocked. 159 lbs lost is downright inspirational. Thank you for sharing your pictures/story.
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yu look amazing great job!
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