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Default 30 Lbs and 10% gone!

So it's taken me longer than I would have hoped (curse you, holidays!) but I finally managed to get to my first mini-goal of 10% of my starting weight lost. I'm still not convinced that I see it, looking at pictures I don't think I look all that different but a couple people have remarked on it in the past few weeks so perhaps it's just taking time for my brain to catch up with reality. I do think that even if I can't see the differences, I know that I can feel the differences and that ultimately I'm making healthier decisions in my life.

Here's me at the end of last summer, before I started weighing myself so I can only imagine that I was at least 275.

Here's me last weekend at 245.

I know that I don't post very often on these boards, but I do read many of the posts and they have given me so much inspiration and motivation to continue on with my efforts even when it was the last thing in the world that I wanted to do, so thank you to the many 3fc members who have unknowingly helped me along the way towards my goals.
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loving my beautiful self
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I wasn't sure myself when I first lost 30 lbs, but people began commenting after 20, so I think it is noticeable for sure! Doesn't it just feel so wonderful!
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hara hachi bu
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WTG! I think you look leaner, especially through the hips. It took a good 40 pounds or so before people began to notice on me, too.

I'm not sure if you've read this on the posts here, but think of the paper-towel analogy. People typically lose weight like a roll of paper towels is unrolled - a little bit all over.
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Congratulations! I can see a definite difference, particularly in the hips. Great job - keep it up!
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Your face just beams! You look great!
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Wow - what a fantastic change! You look so much better, healthier and happier now than in your first photo. You've done brilliantly - keep up the fantastic work!
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Nursing Momma
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You look great and you can see a big change!
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ONEderland, I 0wn you!
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Nice Job! I can see the change in the torso area. From shoulder to hips everything looks smaller. Well done!
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I can certainly see differences, they look great! People are really telling you the truth when they compliment you. Let it soak in....
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