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hara hachi bu
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Wow Tammy, what a transformation! You look fabulous. You don't look 211 right now at all.

What kind of exercise do you do?
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Originally Posted by jtammy View Post
You ladies are such a pleasure to be around. Thank you all so much for your kind words and your support since I joined 3FC. I appreciate you all so much and each one of you has inspired me.

Kymberly, I've lost the weight by calorie counting on fitday and by avoiding HFCS, added sugars, white flour, rice, and white potatoes. And for the first time in my life, I started exercising and have been doing that 5 - 6 times a week for the last 14 months (that part still shocks me, by the way!)

Ha, Meg, now that I've found that picture, I'm hanging on to it. I may hate it, but it can sure provide some inspiration in case I start slipping.

Robin and fatbgone, Thanks for saying that! I definitely weigh 211, but not for long.

Thanks again, you guys are fantastic!

Like everyone else, I'm totally amazed and inspired by your weight loss. Could you let me in on what HFCS is? I probably could figure it out if I thought about it long enough, but that might take too long. LOL!

You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks so much everyone! I was really nervous about posting the pictures but you all have been so sweet. I appreciate it!

Phantastica, My main exercise is walking, a mixture of outdoor walking and WATP. I do some resistance band toning and also some weight lifting with Cathe Friedrich (sp?) tapes, but not as much as I probably should.

Ritzy, HFCS = high fructose corn syrup. It's in so many things....
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You look absolutely amazing. Getting rid of all that junk makes such a huge difference - you look beautiful and glowing with good health.
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You are truly an inspiration. Wow! Congratulations!!!
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OMG... Those 2 pics don't even look like the same person.. I am speechless!!!

You have totally given yourself an extreme makeover! You look great! You go girl! We should all give you a round of applause.

You have worked hard and you have made a difference in your own health and well being, and you have made a difference in inspiring us to do the same. Good Job!!!!

Thanks, and God Bless,

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Wow!! Tammy You Rock!!

What an inspiration you are to me!! I read your story and it makes me want to try even harder to lose weight and not give up!! Thanks for sharing your before and after pictures!! You look like a completely different person now!! Wow is all I can say!!
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Default You go girl!!

Just wanted to say, you look great. Came across this group, I think you started? Can you tell me about these home videos/walk club you've got going? You are definately an inspiration. How much do you walk a day? Or maybe your exercise routine? What weight loss plan are you using? I am on L.A.weightloss right now. I recently just started again with exercise and eating properly and lost a little over 5 the first week. Have a little too many beers for St Pats day but was back on plan yesterday and today. That was a big accomplishment for me... Keep up the great lifestyle change. You look prettier on the outside and I can only imagine how pretty you feel on the inside.

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Wow, Tammy!!! I can't believe I missed this thread until now. I always knew you'd accomplished something incredible, but you really have made yourself into a completely new person. You are GORGEOUS!!! I agree with everyone else that you don't look anywhere near 211 pounds in that picture, but I'm the same height as you and I know at this height people usually guess lower. I don't think I look as small as you do, and I'm at 196 -- this gives me hope that maybe I look thinner than I think!

You're amazing, truly -- such an inspiration!
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Wow! That is so fantastic; you look wonderful! Thank you for having the courage to post the "before picture." I know it can be hard to see pictures of yourself at a heavier weight, let alone share them with others. You are really an inspiration and you should be extremely proud of what you've accomplished.
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WOW! You are such an inspiration to everyone. Here are some carrots doing the jig just for you!

I can't wait to look that great. Congratulations.
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Thank you to everyone! I so appreciate your words of encouragement and support.

Michele, I use the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs by Leslie Sansone. They are available at lots of stores, but I started using them from my library (love the library!) The amount of time per day varies, but over the last year and a half I’ve averaged 4 to 5 days a week about 45 minutes per day.

LisaMarie, With all that running you do, I’d bet you’re looking great and so thin. Our measurements are almost identical, I just noticed that!

Thanks again guys!
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Default Whoo hoo

I just wanted to say you look great! Your picture is such an inspiration to those of us at the beginning of our journey. Whoo hoo to you
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What a HUGE difference! You were beautiful before, but you look absolutely GORGEOUS now!
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Default wow an inspiration to us all

That is wonderful Tammy I have also reached a mini goal for myself I was 256 right at Christmas and now I am 220 and plan to be down to 200 (or less) by May 4-6 when we go to the beach. Last year I was so heavy and miserable at the beach that I just stayed in the room wearing my 22-24 clothes. This year I am in my daughter's 12-14's tanned and ready for the vacation. When I get back I start on my final goal of 25 more pounds off. I think I will be at a pretty fair weight for my height at 175 but who knows I might go for 150 once I reach that one.
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