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alana80 04-19-2014 01:13 PM

What is your caloric intake when you have PCOS/Fibromyalgia
Hi, I'm new here.

I have a combination of many disorders including PCOS / Fibromyalgia / Endometriosis and gluten intolerance (to name only a few). I am a vegan and don't consume wheat/gluten products. I also have insufficient money to work with because I am not employed. Iím very aware of what I eat caloric & know what I have bodyfat wise and was curious on the amount of calories you take daily if you also have PCOS and Fibro? I've had eating disorders in the past so I think it's damaged my metabolism. Back in the day I lived off 100 calories net calories but that was 7 years ago.

I've since then got off it but I've been told that I ate 'too little' and eat around 800-1100 calories on a good day (without exercise) and I don't have easy access to affordable food. I am trying to eat more but am very fearful of gaining weight and I get very full and can't really imagine eating more. It's impossible for me to exercise when I'm flaring.

I have managed to drop from 230lbs to 198 using my old methods of caloric restriction. I'm not sure what to do now because at 1100 I am stable enough to stay at 200~ but would like to go down more if it can be done healthy. My instinct is to force myself to exercise but then my body will only have 600-800 calories to work with and I know that can't be good but it's the only thing that has traditionally given me results.

According to my fat scale I'm about 135lbs lean mass so I have about 35-40lbs but don't know how to burn the fat off. How do I ramp up to eat more? I'm about to try adding more protein and reduce the carbs to my diet to address the pcos but it's difficult because of cost.

Please let me know if you have gone through a similar situation.

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