Before & after photos

  • Aschooley asked me a while back if I could post before & after photos. These are some that I have on my FB page. I had to actually sit down and do this at the computer, I usually get on via my iPad.

    The first photo is from March 2012, before I started MRC. I was 204 when I started MRC in July, but I was closer to 212 in this photo. I don't have a lot of photos from before that are very good... this one was at an event with some other people, and I've cropped it. The second photo is from September 2013, at lower than goal. Since then, I may have lost another 1-2 lbs, but am working on fitness now.


  • you look phenomenal!
  • You look fabulous! You should be so proud.
  • Thanks seaurchin & happy bug!
  • You look great! And, the dress in your after picture is divine!!!
  • You look beautiful! I love your dress.
  • Way to go, MarleneV - you look fabulous!!! What an inspiration!
  • Thanks everyone! The dress is a Calvin Klein color block, and have another one in blue & black in a different cut. I love the look of the color blocks. Dressy enough for an evening out, but I can still wear to work too.
  • You look amazing!!! You are an inspiration to us all!! I hope I can be as successful as you. thanks for posting.
  • wowsers, congratulations!!! that is sooooooo cool and very inspirational! Thank you very much for posting.
  • Thanks aschooley and lady!
  • Wow!! Good Job!