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  • First week
    I went to my first week weight in. 7.5 pounds down. Thats awesome. Still on the day 1-4 plan. For me thats exciting. I have never lost at that rate before.
  • Quote: I went to my first week weight in. 7.5 pounds down. Thats awesome. Still on the day 1-4 plan. For me thats exciting. I have never lost at that rate before.
    Welcome and great weight loss. Good luck in your weight loss

  • total control
    Let me know how that works if you try it

    Quote: Hello, hope everyone is doing well.

    I had maintenance weigh in yesterday and stayed the same, so am still 5 pounds under goal.

    Out of curiosity has anyone tried the raspberry ketones MRC sells or the
    Metabolic Total Control which contains green coffee beans.

    A friend of mine on MRC asked, and I had no idea, as I do not take any supplements except for Fat & Carb Blocker and I only take that when I am eating out.

  • Quote: Let me know how that works if you try it
    I will let you know. I rather doubt it as I am off all supplements except for
    Fat & Carb Blocker and that is only when I eat out.. But if anyone gave good reviews, may reconsider.

    I was under the impression this item was like the green coffee extract but it seems they have so many things in there and in the literature it does not tell you what exactly and the mg. I would ask to see the bottle, but then they will try to make me buy it.. LOL.

    They also are selling the raspberry ketones, as was on Dr. Oz.

  • Hi, All! Had to go on a road trip and I am at the weight I was when I left, so for me, that's awesome. Back at it again and will weigh in on Friday. I had to quit taking my supplements (including Flaxseed Oil) for a bit because I was battling a stomach virus. Starting those up again and hopefully I will start seeing progress on the scale.

    Hope everyone is doing well! It's Hump Day!!!
  • Hi All, I am on the day 1-4 yellow sheet diet with 5 protien drinks. My weight loss seems to have slowed. It is still progressing but at day 4 just two pounds. I expect the first week lossing during conditioning was just water. I have not deviated at all from the plan. I also bought some keto strips and it doesn't look like I am in ketosis. Is this typical? I was told to expect 5 pounds on this week. Thanks - Chris
  • Yungathart- I had a bit of slowness about that time but it seems to be picking up now this week. So it may go in chunks

    AFM - Hi I am on day 15 of MRC, and really enjoying the program. I feel like i have so much more energy. I also went to a food shopping class tonight. I am not taking the supplements, just my prenatal vitamin and fish oil . This week i been focusing on up'ing my water intake.
  • Well, am down another 1.5

    A little slower this week, but I know it will pick up. I have faith. I am excited. I have not weighed this little since 2004!
  • Quote: Well, am down another 1.5

    A little slower this week, but I know it will pick up. I have faith. I am excited. I have not weighed this little since 2004!
    Keep the faith, for sure.. I use to kid and say I lost a seed this week. My weightloss was very slow.. There were weeks, where I would lose .2 or .4 pounds and use to become frustrated until I realized, a loss , no matter what it is , is a loss, and I hit maintenance with some weeks with no loss or my seed losses. They all count to the end goal of maintenance.

  • Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I joined MRC on Friday and started pre-conditioning on Saturday. I have been a 3FC poster in the past, but I'm incognito right now. My boyfriend will be visiting me from Ireland in December, and I want the weight loss to be a surprise, so a new online identity was in order.

    Feeling good so far, down 3 lbs this morning, though I realize that's water weight. Just nice to see it on the scale. Also went back to the gym after a month off (due to being in Ireland with the bf) and I'm paying for it today.

    The only thing I'm worried about missing are onions. It will be learning a completely new way to cook without them.

    I'm also concerned about continuing my 3x a week at the gym. I do a class called BodyPump, which is a combo of weight lifting and cardio. I did this class in the spring without a diet plan and didn't lose weight, but know that I gained muscle and toned up. Do you think this will adversely affect my results with the MRC plan?

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm new to the forum. I'm currently on day 4 of the blue menu and kinda sorta looking forward to transitioning to the green menu. I'm finding it very difficult lately to get motivated about cooking for my family I am a cook - I love to cook. We have always eaten healthy, whole foods. I'm looking at the MRC cookbook and wondering how in the world I can do this for the next several months AND keep my family fed. My husband struggles to keep weight on, I have two teens and a tween. How do you do it? My main reason for trying MRC is my barely functions even on the maximum dose of meds. I'm down 9 lbs since beginning, so I'm willing to keep trying. But...I'm struggling with the motivation to keep providing meals for my family. I can't afford to cook all meals/recipes utilizing MRC supplements! How can I do this???
  • gumdropmom - I am able to feed my teen and husband on the plan as well. They may eat "snacks" where i can't. I don't measure food for them... but it seems to be working well since I do the beef once a week, and we use different chicken or turkey recipes. Just take time to find what your family enjoys, and they may have more than you but it just takes time for the cravings to disappear. Really my boys don;t go hungry and eat about the same as me now (plus they have some snacks) when it's supper time.
  • Went to my midweek weigh in on preconditioning. I'm down 4 lbs. I'm pretty excited, though it's a bit frustrating to weigh in in the evenings. So used to weighing in first thing in the morning. Hopefully I will be back to ONEderland by my Friday weigh in
  • Hey I'm Cindy and I am new to MRC. I'm somewhat frustrated. The first night I had my consultation it was disorganized. The director let everyone off for meet the teacher night. There were two of us that were to have consultation. She ended up doing us together and when someone would come in she would have to stop in mid-sentence and go out. I got absolutely nothing out of the consultation. I was told what I would be paying. I thought well I don't know anything yet but I'm here for me and I want to do this. So I called said I wanted to join, paid my money and was told to come in on the following Monday. I got my precondtioning sheets emailed to me, no instructions, I have no idea how much to eat, nothing. Went in Monday, she had lost my information when I weight at my consultation, had to do that again. It was just as crazy as the first time. But did get to meet with the nurse. All they told me was to come back Thursday and start pre-conditioning. HELP!! I have no idea how much to eat when to eat, can I eat fruit in between...Nothing! Im a lost goose. Can someone please help me??
  • CindyRush79 - wow that seems like a unorganized facility!!

    Far as pre-conditioning, you get a sheet of foods you can eat. You pretty much just try to eat only foods on that sheet, i dont believe there is set amounts. Once you start day 1 -4 you will have a more strict diet for 4 days, then introduce more foods days 5-10 and then you have a set diet (at least that is how its been for me the last few weeks). So if your in pre-conditioning, just enjoy only the foods on that sheet to get your taste buds use to those foods You should have a food nutrition class before your start day 1-4. I hope they get more organized for you!!!