Spit test

  • Ok I seriously am having an issue with the spit test. I gag every single time I try to spit and wind up swallowing. I'm beginning to think I may have to forego this test. Any suggestions other than cutting up a lemon (didn't help me).
  • Drink lots of water
  • Cost
    Is there a cost for this test? I wasn't told that it cost extra, just given the kit and told to send it in. Haven't sent yet.
  • For me, it was part of the package.
  • I guess it must have been for me as well. Thanks
  • I also had the same reaction I just couldn't spit in that tube no matter what !! It was included in my package so I just refused to do it ! MHO I think it's another way to get you to buy their products ! I'm still OP and have lost 57 lbs and that's without spit testing !
  • Thank you for that Ispinmore! I did manage to do it, but I'm not sure I got enough in the tubes for them to test. Oh well! I'm glad to hear it works either way!