Anyone taking MRC 6? If so thoughts

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  • Tamara - I go to the OPKS center too I joined in June and have lost 22 lbs (a horrible vacation gain in the middle there slowed it down).
  • I ran out of the big 3 (which includes MRC6) and have had a stall in my weight loss as well as feeling like my stomach is more bloated so next week I'm expecting some extra $ & I'm going to buy another round.
  • Quote: Skelly -- I have hardly ever been hungry while taking the Phenetrim. I don't know how I would do without it because I have taken it since I started. I do not have any side effects. In fact, I chose it rather than the All Day Weigh Loss because I had issues with a fast heart rate in the past. But, since I have lost weight, my heart rate is great and so is my blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    Thanks, i bought some phentratim yesterday and it's amazing how it curbs your cravings, i'm loving it.
  • Well i did it for about three months. honestly i did lose inches but none from the stomach area. so i stop taking it and started taking cla and i still lost inches even though i stopped taking mrc~6 so i have mixed feelings about this product