What is Hard Cheese?

  • What is considered hard cheese/ Is pepper jack considered hard cheese?
  • No, pepper-jack is a semi-soft cheese.

    Hard cheese would be parmesan, romano, asiago, provelone, etc.

    Semi hard cheeses are cheddar, Jarlsberg, Gouda, etc.
  • Thanks the menu just says hard cheese. It looks like all the cheeses that i eat aren't considered hard. Can anyone tell me what asiago taste like. And how do know what's considered hard?
  • Hard cheeses are very firm to the touch. The are difficult to grate because of their "hardness:.

    Cheses that give a bit when you touch them, are semi-hard (cheddar is a good example).

    Asiago is a bit like Parmesan. It has a distinct flavor and is excellent with pastas and grain dishes.
  • Hummm....I eat Pepper Jack all the time and my center has not told me it was not a hard cheese or off plan.
  • I eat the Yellow American cheese that you buy fromt eh deli. I was told by my center that that was okay.
  • My center said any cheese that comes in a block is ok.. They said stay away from the singles and all...
  • My center said all the American cheeses including Colby's are fine but stay away from stuff like provolone, Swiss, blue cheese, Romano, and parmesan They also said it can be shredded just remember to measure it afterwards. oh yeah monterey jack is allow too.
  • I use cheese curds that I buy at the Tillamook Dairy at the Oregon Coast. I was told it was ok to use these. The nutrition and calories are the same as the other hard cheeses.. Yummo! Oh man I can't believe I actually said that.