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Default No MRC Center nearby...Advice Please!

Hi to all!

I have been reading a lot the postings regarding the MRC plan and would love some advice. I did this program about 6 years ago when I was living in Colorado. I am now living in N. Carolina and there are not any centers nearby. I was successful when I originally followed the plan in Colorado, but I have let my unhealthy relationship with food take over and I have gained all the weight back and then some after I went off plan thinking that I would be ok. I have tried other plans over the years, but none with the same determination and success as MRC (and by success I mean weight loss AND feeling wonderful enough to exercise and try many new things like hiking, backpacking, rollerblading, etc and feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin for the first time in a long time!). I remember how good I felt and really want that again. So, I am feeling inspired by all your stories and success of following MRC plan, but don't know how to go about it again. There are no centers nearby, as I have already said. I have the menu plans that I followed 6 years ago, but I started at 187 and now weigh approx 235-ish so I'm thinking that there is a different menu for over 200 lbs. I don't know if I should try to follow my old plan and order drinks from online as I've heard that some people do, or should I call a center even though it's not nearby and see if I could follow the plan over the phone with the center. I feel like I want the support and accountability of the center and would prefer that over doing it on my own, I think. What advice do you guys have? I feel like I'm finally ready to overhaul my body and mind...I just don't know where to's pretty overwhelming. Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for your advice!
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Hi There!!

I live in NY but do my program through mail order with Cary, NC. Give them a call. Try talking to Shelda...there are a few new girls there so if you ask for Shelda she's seasoned and will be able to answer all your questions. Their phone number is 919-651-9120. Tell Shelda Michelle from NY sent you from 3FC's she'll find it amusing

Good luck!! You can do it

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If you feel you need the support from the center, then you should do that. You know yourself better then anyone else. You can still use 3FC for additional support. There are some differences with the beige (over 200 lbs) and green menus. Most important are that beige has 6 oz of protein and 3-5 hns drinks per day vs green at 4oz protein and 2-4 hns drinks per day. There might be other differences but not sure. Good Luck!
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there are a few other differences, the times per week you can have the eggs group at lunch goes down to 3 x's per week on the green i think. if you want the support i'd say call them but if you think you can go it alone then just use your green menu but up the oz's on your protein until you get below 200. i'm at 180 and i noticed i lose more when i cheat on my meat qty and have 6 oz than when i stick to the 4 oz green menu i've been on.
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Michelle, Lori, Connie,

Thank you so much for your replies! I am not sure which route I will take at this point, but you have all given me options to consider which is helpful. I'll keep you so glad to have found this website!
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Default Same boat

I did part of this program last year and lost about 15 pounds, but started back to grad school and gained it back plus over 20 more. I am thinking about doing it all the way through this time on my own because of the expense. I recently ordered a lot of product online, the drinks, etc...but I am unsure what I should use to replace MRC6 and the daily stuff....I have been inquiring on this site though. The closest MRC to me is over 300+ miles away. If you would like to try on you own I would happily be your buddy, because I need one. Just let me know if you are interested. I am a teacher in Oklahoma.
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